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Great Bend, KS (Larned)     Salina, KS     Topeka, KS
Lawrence, KS (Ottawa)     KC (Lexington)    Sedalia, MO
Falls City, NE (Burr Oak)     St Joseph, MO (Burr Oak)
Fort Smith, AR


RUC/ETA/MRF Surface Winds Forecasts

Hours from now:

0   3  6  9  12  18  24  30  36  42  48  60  72  84  96

RUC/ETA/MRF wind legend

Think of these wind indicators as arrows flying WITH the wind...
NOT as weathervanes pointing into the wind. This can be confusing!






General Forecast:

Larned     Salina     Topeka     Lawrence
Ottawa     Kansas City     Lexington     Sedalia

Regional Surface Winds:

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