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Len & Kevin in new
over/under harness

Len & Kevin in new
over/under harness

Larry & Jim check symmetry
of a Wills Wing Spectrum

Lifting the Spectrum
onto the T-dolly

Zoe gets strapped in
for her first HG flight

Len & Zoe land

She seems to have enjoyed it!

Kelsey got to fly twice today

Bayliss, Wuffo and Kelsey
(what a life!)

Gary looking forward to
his first HG flight

The Falcons come home to roost

Larry taxies his brand new U-2

Jim helps Larry get ready
for glider's maiden flight

On the platform rig, ready to go

Jim flies Larry's old WW Sport

Landing the Sport

Larry packs up the U-2
after a great first day

Billy ready to roll

Carol getting familiar with
the tandem harness

Carol & Len in the tug's mirror

A little ground school while
others pack up for the day

Daron tows Jim with
Les in the back seat

Daron, Les and Jim climb out

Dave & Les begin a towing
lesson in the Dragonfly

Les holds Daron's "So-low"
shirt, Dave shows off his
freshly cut victory shirt

"Tug," a glider and the
Ottawa airport as reflected
in the Dragonfly mirror

Kelsey and Angela stage
an all-girl tandem ride

Curt assists Mark at launch

The tug starts taking up
the slack for Mark

The Ferrell family treats Mom to
an exciting surprise birthday gift

Larry, Thermal and Jim help
Davis Straub prepare for launch

Davis launches his Atos VX

1/3 way into his 1:30 flight, Davis
does a low save over the ramp

Larry and Davis share a thermal

The smile says it all as Larry
taxies back to the set-up area

JD watches Len and Angela
returning from their nearly
ONE HOUR tandem flight!

Len and Angela, holders of the
Adventure AirSports tandem
endurance record!

Len and Elizabeth


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