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Adventure AirSports partners
Len, Doug and Jim

Len over the Ottawa airport

Doug "Tug"
Our first tug pilot

Les gives a parachute
re-packing clinic

Jim chills while waiting for a tow

Jim leveling his wing before landing

Kale (?) lands next to the tug

Arkansas guests set up
under a promising sky

Hangar flyin'

Jim straps in for a brief
human-powered tow

Ron, Richard and Jule working hard

Faster guys, FASTER!

Larry gives it a try

Richard can't get airborne
on tired human power

John suited up for
his first HG ride

Len and John ready to launch

A younster gets his
first taste of HG

Preparing Katie for
her first HG ride

Len & Katie ready to launch

Len & Katie take off

Len, Elizabeth and Kelsey

Len and Kelsey

Len and Angela

Angela smiles after
her first HG flight

Doug tows Jim at sundown

Jim glides off into the sunset


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